Who are Lu and B?

Lu is a professional writer who has been spending far too much time writing and not quite enough time living. She misses wild places (and even semi-wild places like her own backyard) and vows to spend more time exploring nature, and introducing her son B to its beauties. Lu knows a bit about a lot of things, but is an expert in none, so take everything she says with a grain of salt. She tries, but occasionally fails, to be completely correct. However, she doesn't mind being gently corrected, and loves to learn, so if you have anything to teach her, please chime in. Lu is particularly fond of fossils, insects, native plants and marine life.

B, Lu's son, is six years old and has been begging to start a blog of his own for a while. He loves to read, and has been writing stories for the last year. Everything he writes on this blog will be by him, with only minimal editing from Lu. (Lu will be typing though.) B loves animals, but is easily distracted by his other two obsessions, trains and buses. He particularly likes marine creatures and insects. He goes to kindergarten and has the best teacher ever. (Hi Mrs. McG!) 


  1. Hi B and Lu! I'm so excited to finally get the time to check out your blog! I look forward to saving this in my favorites and checking it out now and then.
    Mrs. McG

  2. Hi Mrs. McG! Thank you for reading our blog! I'm glad you like it.